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The engineers here at SharkBox were tired of anemically thin sounding bluetooth speakers that claim to be rugged. So tired in fact that we based our company and our entire engineering experience on designing a hand-manufactured bluetooth speaker with the power to revolutionize the industry.

Our guidelines were simple:

  1. Provide a Loud and Deep Bass Response.
  2. Be earth shattering-ly loud while maintaing clear Hi-Fi audio quality (ala, rock concert in a box)
  3. Look totally awesome
  4. Be rugged and take physical abuse – we’re tough on our gear.
  5.  Battery power to last for a full day at high volume
  6. Not be a mass-manufactured piece of garbage

Product Description


After more than a year of prototyping and testing countless system configurations we finally built a wireless speaker we would use! The Pulse fits the bill with over 98dB of sound and low frequency that can shake the fillings in your teeth. The Pulse is easy to use, rechargeable, portable, druable, and water proof!

How does the Pulse work?

Simply pair your Bluetooth enabled device to the Pulse and crank up the tunes! Alternatively, plug in your phone or other audio source into the integrated aux jack.

Recharging only takes an hour or two and the internal Lithium battery will last all day. The Pulse even has a USB charging port so your dead cell phone will never be the end of the party!

More Features and Specs:

  • Powerful  Custom 200W Class D Hi-Fi Digital Amplifier.
  • Marine-rated Polk Audio 100W 8 inch SubWoofer with 2 50w full range side speakers!
  • Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • Lithium Battery and Charger System
  • Integrated USB phone Charger within the top Drybox compartment.
  • Genuine Pelican 1430 hardcase for proven protection
  • Functional aluminum speaker protector bars.
  • 7 Hours of Music Play Time /24 Hours Standby


Additional Information

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 18 x 18 in