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Ruggedized power plant that allows you to power consumer electronics in the most remote and inhospitable places.

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Product Description


The P1600 ruggedized power plant in a box allows you to power consumer electronics in the most remote and inhospitable enviroments. Containing 75 Amp hours of battery capacity and an advanced 1600w power inverter, the P1600 will extend the life of a Macbook to over two days of run time, run drills and other power tools, keep a refrigerator cold for several hours, and even keep the lights on during a power outage.

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The P1600 works by using solid state inverter technology to convert 12 volts from its internal battery into household power. The battery is recharged with the included charger through the 12v accessory port and will go from empty to full in less than 12 hours. The accessory port can be used for any device that has a regular cigarette lighter type plug when the SharkBox isn’t being charged. Because SharkBox doesn’t use an engine, it doesn’t need gasoline, produce any harmful gasses, or make loud noise; this makes it a great alternative to a generator and very eco friendly.

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Due to its waterproof housing and included rain cover,  SharkBox will withstand everything from a dunk in the ocean to a hurricane making it an absolute necessity during emergency situations. Unlike generators, the SharkBox produces no harmful gasses so it can safely be used indoors as well. Accessories that allow SharkBox to be charged with Solar power or converted into an uninterruptable power supply are currently being developed.


  • 1600Watts of continuous AC Power for consumer electronics
  • 3200Watts Peak Power
  • Built in voltage and wattage meter
  • USB phone charging port
  • 12V Accessory Jack & Charging Port
  • 12V 75Ah SLA Battery
  • Ruggedized waterproof Pelican Case housing.
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • 5 Amp charger and car charger included
  • Waterproof cover included (operate in the rain!)
  • Backed by a 1 year limited warranty
  • Weight: ~60Lbs


Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 30.5 x 45.7 in